Monday, May 14, 2012

PSLV to Carry Meghatropiques and AIS Sat 1

PSLV in its 18th commercial flight ( PSLV C18 ) is expected to carry French Satellite Megha-Tropiques and  Orbcom's AIS-Sat-1 (equatorial)satellite.

The Launch, as per ISRO announcement, is expected in 25-28 Sept time window.
( I However have my own apprehensions that it may be delayed to Early October ... because the vehicle stacking [ assembly on launch pad ] has just begun. )

Meghatropiques is a Frech satellite with following scintific objectives:

- to improve the knowledge of the water cycle in the intertropical region, to evaluate its consequences on the energy budget,

- to study the life cycle of tropical convective systems over ocean and continents, the environmental conditions for their appearance and evolution, their water budget, and the associated transports of water vapor.

AIS Sat 1 is a Norwegian satellite

- for managing resources, environment and safety in the High North seas.

More details about these satellites are here here

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