Monday, May 14, 2012

PSLV-C18 to put four satellites in orbit

Now more clarity has emerged from ISRO about the co-passengers of Meghatropiques on PSLV C18 flight.

The flight is scheduled for launch on Oct 12th @ 11 AM IST.

The other three satellites on board this flight are
The 10-kg SRM Sat , 3-kg Jugnu  and a  Luxembourg  satellite VesselSat.

Note that AIS-SAT which we reported in an earlier post has now been renamed as  Vesselsat

Details are in the news clip here:

Unfortunately as usual the official  ISRO website
is silent after July12 2011  news release about GSAT 12 .

I had written  an email to ISRO pointing to an error in the graphical display in their live transmission of GSAT 12 launch but they have not even acknowledged it,    forget about reaction.

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