Monday, May 14, 2012

More on Resourcesat=2 coverage over India

In earlier post I covered details about how the satellite moves around Earth over a day and how it sweeps entire Earth in about 16 orbits every day.
We concentrate now on how exactly the data is captured and is received by the receiving station.

The adjoining figure shows satellite coverage over Indian region in a day. The brighter circle in the center is the coverage area that is visible to a receiving station located at Hyderabad. Notice that with a station located at Hyderabad, major portion of India is covered.
There are two sets of paths : paths which run from top east to bottom west occur in daytime ( the satellite moves from North to South ; hence called descending paths ) and those that cross from South East to North west ( Satellite moves from S to N ) occur in the night and called ascending paths.
Of these 6 paths are covered partly within the coverage circle centered around Hyderabad. 3 descending paths and 3 ascending paths.

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